Lozoya Construction understands the oilfield runs 24/7 and we are ready to help.
 If you need a welder, day or night, you can call Lozoya Construction and get a live person to assist you! We will immediately deploy our welders to get the job done.


I heard that Fily could do good work so I pulled into there and talked to him about building me an office. He built me a 2,000 square foot office with 14 foot ceilings in it. He built the cabinets and he did a turn-key job. He did a nice job. Fily said he would build it in 90 days and he built it in 6.5 weeks. He was here all the time. It was perfect. They didn't have to come back and redo anything. If I ever build anything again, he is my man. Fily will build it.

~Rusty, Owner - Rusty's Oil Field Service Co. Inc

On-Site Metal Fabrication

Here at Lozoya Construction we are well positioned to provide exceptional service while designing and completing your project from the ground up. We also know that in the industrial field, time is money. With our state of the art computer software and custom fabrication machines, we can make sure your design and project exceeds your expectations! Our team of experienced operators, state of the art machinery, superior customer service and great value give our customers the edge to be above their competitors. We have many in-house machines to get your job done including: AccurPress CNC Press Brake, AccurShear, Torchmate X CNC Plasma Cutting Machine, Piranha Dual Operator Ironworker, etc.

Torchmate X Plasma Machine:

All of our custom fabrication is done in-house. We have a state of the art plasma cutting machine called the Torchmate X that will work on any metal; steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, etc. The Torchmate X is a complete turn-key system that can handle any heavy duty use from one design to mass produced parts. Our plasma cutting systems sets us apart from our competitors by giving our team the advantage by completing any custom project big or small with speed, power and accuracy! With its CAD/CAM design software, we are able to customize and generate high quality products in a short amount of time. Not only can we custom fabricate new parts, with our plasma and oxy-fuel torches, we can replicate an existing part for your current project! Precision cuts we have produced are yard signs, home and yard décor, manifold caps, logos, steel plates, oil field parts, metal art, plus much more!

AccurPress Press Brake:

Here at Lozoya Welding we house the 2nd largest hydraulic Press Brake in the region. With our AccurPress Brake, we have the capabilities of bending any material up to 1 inch thick to your design specifications. Our CNC press brake produces precisely formed custom parts, materials and components. Our press brake work is considered to be the best in the Permian Basin! Along with our press brake, our operators are experienced and dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Other In-House Equipment:

We house the Accurshear Shear press which is engineered to make precision cuts on large and small sheet metal. The Accurpress also delivers the highest rated shearing capacities plus the lowest fixed rake angles in the industry. At Lozoya Welding we also house the Piranha PII88 Iron Worker which enables our team to shear, bend, notch, punch, any piece of metal to fit the customer’s specifications.

Field Services

Lozoya Construction holds a respected presence in the oil field industry. Equipped with 5 fully loaded field welding trucks and 10 experienced and certified welders, Lozoya Construction is capable of any oil field build and repair projects. We are also capable of building a rig site from ground up while repairing/building trailers, well heads, pipe lines, flow lines, conductors, tanks, skids, chemical plants, roustabout along with any general oil field service calls. Lozoya Welding understands that the oilfield runs 24/7 and we are ready to help. If you need a welder, day or night, you can call Lozoya Welding and get a live person to assist you! We will immediately deploy our welders to get the job done.

Lozoya Construction Services:

  • Welding
  • Repair & Build Trailers
  • Drill Rig Repairs
  • Well Heads
  • Pipe Lines
  • Conductor Flow Lines
  • Chemical Plants
  • Roustabout
  • Construction
  • Custom Homes
  • Metal Buildings
  • Backhoe & Dump Truck Services
  • Demolition
  • Dirt Removal
  • Retaining Walls

Staff Profiles

Lozoya Construction Office

Fily Lozoya



Fily Lozoya Jr.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Daniel Poznanter

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


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Carrianne Bassett

Office Manager