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General contractors specializing in metal buildings and location development. No job too small or too big. Electrical, plumbing, concrete.

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Lozoya Construction is ready to provide exceptional service while designing and completing your project. All work is done in-house with quality and reliability that exceeds our customers’ expectations. Lozoya Construction has been serving the Permian Basin since 2005 with integrity; allowing us to say, “Our word is 100% guaranteed.”

Fily Lozoya
Fily LozoyaOwner
Fily Lozoya Jr.
Fily Lozoya Jr.Chief Exectutive Officer
Office: 432-563-0663 ext. 998
Cell: 432-425-9832
Jerry Garcia
Jerry GarciaVice President
Office: 432-563-0663 ext. 997
Cell: 432-230-8989

Recent Works

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Our Clients Agree

“He did what he claimed he was going to do. There were no surprises. That’s why I hired Fily and I would recommend him for anybody. If anything happened with anything he did I could call him tomorrow and he would be here to take care of it so that’s peace of mind. He’ll fulfill your needs and for the right price let me tell you. Very competitive price, very professional, so you can’t go wrong.”


“I heard that Fily could do good work so I pulled into there and talked to him about building me an office. He built me a 2,000 square foot office with 14 foot ceilings in it. He built the cabinets and he did a turn-key job. He did a nice job. Fily said he would build it in 90 days and he built it in 6.5 weeks. He was here all the time. It was perfect. They didn’t have to come back and redo anything. If I ever build anything again, he is my man. Fily will build it.”


Our Trusted Partners

Over the years, our family’s active involvement in the local community allowed us to be part of stories that range from triumph to tragedy. We have developed valuable relationships with sub contractors and other businesses which have taught us many lessons.Chief among those lessons is the truth that in order to be a socially responsible business, we must be there for others by providing jobs, a helping hand and a listening ear.

Elite Real Estate Holdings
Basin Red Real Estate Development
Lozoya Graphics & Printing
Elite Real Estate Holdings
Basin Red Real Estate Development
Lozoya Graphics & Printing

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