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Building Inspiring Spaces

Lozoya Construction is ready to provide exceptional service while designing and completing your project. All work is done in-house with quality and reliability that exceeds our customers’ expectations. Lozoya Construction has been serving the Permian Basin since 2005 with integrity; allowing us to say, “Our word is 100% guaranteed.”



With a focus on excellence,
we aim to exceed expectationsand deliver high quality projects
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Building & Location Design

When you bring a project to Lozoya Construction, we consider the property as a whole. From surveying and appraising the land to creating the blueprints for your building and designing the yard or parking for functionality and efficiency.

Surveying, Platting & Engineering

A lot more goes into designing a property than meets the eye. You can be sure that Lozoya Construction has the licensed professionals to design and create everything your project needs from Roadway Planning and Design to Grading/Drainage Design and Subdivision Platting and Layout.


From a simple sketch up to 3D renderings, Lozoya Construction’s architecture and design team can help get your ideas on paper or design something to suit your needs.

Parking & Yard Design for Traffic

Lozoya Construction’s experienced staff can help design the right yard or parking arrangement for your operational needs.

Dirt Work

Every structure sits on dirt of some sort, and not having proper dirt work can ultimately destroy even the best foundations. Lozoya Construction has been working around West Texas since 2005 and knows how to work with all the common types in this area. We know that “You Need A Solid Foundation” and how to make it happen.

Mesquite Clearing & Disposal

Dirt Pad

Caliche Install

Advantages of Slab Foundations

No Pests or Decomposition

Mold and mildew are not an issue, nor are rodents or insects. That’s because there is no space under the slab for mold to form or rodents to nest.

More Flooring Options

Concrete slab foundations allow for a wider range of flooring options, including stained or scored concrete.

Lozoya Construction Advantage

Lozoya’s experience and reputation for quality go hand in hand with the quality of the cement slab foundations used for the buildings we construct.

Metal Building Construction

Lozoya Construction builds the finest, metal buildings. We can build anything from storage sheds to turnkey commercial buildings and everything in between such as farm buildings, equestrian buildings, churches, and even airplane hangars. We do not give you a kit to figure out yourself, we fabricate and build the entire building turnkey. When you buy a kit it doesn’t come with insulation, concrete, plumbing, electrical or anything else. When Lozoya builds for you, you get it all!

Building Commercial Success

Lozoya Construction is ready to build you an office that will inspire confidence in your customers and pride in your employees. Office spaces can be completely customized and are entirely turn-key with Lozoya’s in-house solutions. Take a look at our office for an example of what we can do…

Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical

Lozoya Construction’s in-house HVAC, electrical and plumbing team, Maverick MEP Solutions, has the expertise to design and construct the right system for your custom building. We are committed to providing you with the best service possible with a turn-key headache free experience that hundreds of customers have come to expect with the Lozoya experience.

Parking Lots & Yards

Lozoya Construction can finish out your property with fences, gates, or even walls around your equipment or parking lot. Rather you desire to keep it simple with caliche or upgrade to pavement, cement, or even some rock work like crushed granite, Lozoya has your equipment or parking lot covered.

Welding, Sandblasting, & Painting

From start to finish, Lozoya Construction has you covered when it comes to metal work. Our experienced staff knows how to provide you with great looking and long lasting fabrications and/or repairs for any project.


From fabrication to repairs Lozoya Construction’s detail-oriented welders have the experience to fulfill your welding needs in a way that will last.


Rather you are looking for a color change or trying to salvage a piece of equipment, Lozoya Construction can help with all your sandblasting needs.


After all the hard work of building and/or sandblasting you want it to last. Lozoya Constructions experienced staff can make sure that your metal work looks great for years, with their excellent painting services.

Custom Work

If you need something special, you’ve come to the right place. Lozoya Construction can design and create a custom solution that is perfect for your needs. Here are some examples of custom solutions we’ve created in the past…


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Our Trusted Partners

Over the years, our family’s active involvement in the local community allowed us to be part of stories that range from triumph to tragedy. We have developed valuable relationships with sub contractors and other businesses which have taught us many lessons.Chief among those lessons is the truth that in order to be a socially responsible business, we must be there for others by providing jobs, a helping hand and a listening ear.

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